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2nd & 3rd Grade

We teach a comprehensive, biblically-based curriculum. Using textbooks, teaching aids and more for 2nd & 3rd Grade, with a proven spiral learning approach.


Spelling is a cornerstone of education, and at LPCA, we recognize the importance of mastering this skill.

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At LPCA, math is more than just a subject, it is a way of thinking. We believe that success in math requires a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and critical thinking.

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Phonics &

Our phonic-based approach to teaching ensures that every student develops a solid foundation in reading and writing so they can succeed in school and beyond.

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Our history classes are designed to be engaging and thought-provoking, and our teachers employ a variety of teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.


Reading has the power to open up new worlds, and at LPCA, our goal is to empower our students with the skills they need to explore these worlds.

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Our academy is dedicated to preparing our students for a future in the science industry, ensuring they receive a world-class education in STEM subjects.

Science Class
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